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Mission (getting) Accomplished!

February 5, 2009

In case you haven’t read my “About” section, I am a volunteer teacher at an inner city public school in the area.

My numero uno concern for the students is how I can tailor my lessons, or whatever else I have planned for them, so they’ll understand. Personally I’m a visual person, but that doesn’t always fly with everyone. That’s why I’m happy to announce another journalism student has joined our ranks! I’ve been working with a team of two others, tag teaming whenever necessary and what not, and now I’ll be tag teaming with three šŸ™‚ . Another brain in the mix with fresh ideas is a big sigh of relief.

:::insert applause:::Ā 

We’re already coming up with some great ideas, and today (or, rather, yesterday…I’m writing this at 11:59pm) we outlined the basic logistics of a workshop we’re planning for the students in April. They’ll get to spend the day at the university visiting the news station, radio station, ect. We’re not in frantic mode yet concerning the planning, but prayerfully it all gets done smoothly.

~ Bliss

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