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April 11, 2009

So it’s not quite tomorrow, lol.

Anyway, I *think* I’ve officially finished my business card. It’s nothing special, but does have a little extra flair that I think will grab attention. When it comes to networking and meeting new people I tend to have a one-up on others because my name is so weird different (Bliss). People tend to remember my name and a little of what I do before they actually remember me. I don’t mind per se, since I want my abilities to speak greater volumes than what I look like, but I must admit it’s a little weird/awkward having to reintroduce myself to some folks sometimes:

Me: Hello, we’ve met before, I’m Bliss D.

SomebodyElse: Ohhhhh…yeah…soooooo, this is you, eh?

Yeah. Awkward. Now…the above transaction doesn’t happen regularly–it’s happened only a few time before–but it was still uhhh, yeah. :::nervous laugh:::

..:::moving along:::..

When it comes to writing, web or otherwise, I don’t normally take negative comments to heart unless I made an error, like getting important facts mixed up or incorrect. I found this article on by ABC columnist and technology writer Michael S. Malone about getting story comments here. It focuses on bloggers with comments, but it definitely applies to news outlet online staff writers as well.

The article categorizes different kinds of commenters…what kind are you?

~ Bliss

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