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That’s scary.

April 15, 2009

I had to write a case brief for one of my journalism classes, and sitting here about an hour before said class I’m just now realizing how scary (for the lack of a better word) the decision of the case I’m briefing is.

A court just ruled that anything published to a public sphere is public–at least in its district.

Apparently, making a post private or only inviting friends to read a post (be it blog or even commenting, I’m guessing) doesn’t affect the ruling. Published is published. It’s been the same for emails too.

Long story short, this kinda bites for bloggers who have gone word crazy on someone/something and then made it private. The ruling makes sense, it just tosses out the belief that we can magically make something unpublic in a public sphere. Not gonna happen.

I’ve seen some pretty uhhhh…passionate blogs around and the authors obviously believe they are a bit immune to backlash. I don’t blame them–For the most part I’ve also viewed personal blogging as a special kind of venting, kind of diary- or journal-esque in nature.

Anyway, bloggers beware…verbally cutting your boss to shreds CAN have dire consequences even if you only invited your mom to read it. dun Dun DUN.

~ Bliss

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