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Number of black journalists declining

May 17, 2009

I just found this short blog entry/commentary while searching the web. I’m not surprised by this finding in the least, just all the more reason as to why I want to get into teaching journalism in addition to being a journalist. There are a lot of really smart kids out there who lack nothing but the resources to get into journalism. Of course an increase of black journalists is dependent on hiring practices, but an influx would most definitely encourage, even push, employers to hire more black journalists.

With that said, this isn’t just a “race thing” for me, as any kind of imbalance in representation makes me a bit nervous. It’s census time again, and the U.S. is quickly gaining in population of people of color. The job industry as a whole can’t be stiffled by misrepresentation for too much longer, especially in an industry like journalism where the marketplace of ideas needs just that–ideas, and a wide range of them.

~ Bliss

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