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Week Deux.

May 24, 2009

My internship with NBC is moving riiight along.

This coming week (or, rather, this week since it’s Sunday 🙂 ) I will be using Netvibes to create an internal information source for the newsroom. I created my own account on Friday and it’s quite nifty–it seems as though it would be especially helpful for this in public relations too, not just newsrooms. It allows you to conglomerate information from sources in a way that’s tailored to what you want to see…kind of like a super personalized home page, but not quite. What I like most about it (from a personal perspective) is that it allows me to sign in to multiple emails and other platforms so I can view them all in one place.

I learned how to use/navigate it in about an hour and can’t wait to get started. What can I say, I like the prospect of calling something my own, lol 🙂 .

~ Bliss

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