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May 30, 2009

Wellums…this week was quite interesting. Okay, just Wednesday and Friday since they gave me Monday off (much to my dismay, actually).  Anyhoo, As with a lot of interns my assignments are more often than not on the mundane side. I don’t have a problem with this, per se, I mean somebody’s got to do it, but right now I just feel a little lost in the mix. I primarily work as a web intern, but that “department” has been sort of dismantled a bit.

And I have no complaints.

I see this as the perfect opportunity to learn. Without direct “orders” from anyone, this experience will only better equip me to handle the workload I will get in the real world. One of my utmost concerns has been to identify and work on my weaknesses, and this situation has presented the perfect time to do so.

Moving along…last Friday consisted on me working on the arduous task of taking stills from video. Simple, right?


The stills I gathered were from game five footage of the Cavs and the Magic basketball game last Thursday, which meant I had to wait for moments in the video when the giants players stopped moving long enough to take a still. Even so, I ended up with 8,734,093,575 blurry pics and about 15 good ones. I used 10 to make a slideshow. Even though it took forever, I’ve gotten the hang of taking stills from Avid and hope I’ll be making another slideshow soon. Though I stand by taking stills for purposes like these, the still photographer in me will always have a like/hate or even love/hate relationship with taking stills from video, LOL :D.

Moving along (again)…

The other day I made a list of stations I want to apply to work for after I graduate. Since I may leave the state, my plans are tougher because of the relocation factor. Sigh. I’m both excited and nervous about the prospect of relocating, I mean, this isn’t an economy you’d want to try out such ventures when you have little to no money and an entry level job, but I like challenges and plan to take it head on. It’ll be interesting to see where I will be in a year, that’s for sure. 😉


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