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But can you write?

June 14, 2009

Fine, I’ll admit it…this question stumped me once.

But, ONLY once–I’ve learned better since then. That’s not to say I’m a bad writer; I actually started in print before migrating into other areas, and spent about five minutes as a creative writing major even before the print.

However, this question was asked of me while I was interviewing for my lastest internship. I spent time beforehand prepping myself with questions, researching the station and all that jazz, but I didn’t expect to be asked if I could write. I just figured it was understood or something, especially since it is in the broadcast arena. Not a smooth move at all, but, like I said, I learned my lesson and realized everything journalism related is fair game.

What led me to write this post was an interesting Sunday morning in which I had to bear taunts from just about everyone concerning verb tense. Deep and heavy stuff, I know. I jokingly replied, “I’m a journalist, I’m supposed to notice these things…you should be worried if I didn’t!” but at the same time, it kind of saddened me to see something so elementary being poked fun at. I even mean that in a literal sense: I was the resident nerd in grade school.

Longish story short, this experience led me to not second guess my teaching focus anymore. I have always emphasized writings skills, then AP style skills, above all else and before I got into heavier stuff. This is especially important since I teach in the inner city where school districts tend to be less than par. I want my students to answer the above question with utmost confidence. It may not seem like much to some, but hey, it was a make or break moment for me (in a series of several make or break moments, truthfully).

~ Bliss

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