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Twitter makes itself indispensable

June 18, 2009

I say indispensable, rather than useful, since the latter leaves too much room for interpretation, lol.

Anyway, I’ve been following the stories flowing in about the Iranian election and the government’s censoring and denying internet service to Iranians questioning election results. They’re using other sites too, like Flickr and different forums to voice their opinions, but I must say I don’t know what to make of the use of Twitter. Twitter administrators even delayed a scheduled maintenance to cater to Iranian time–the maintenance was changed to occur during the night. That makes me wonder if that was a first for a communication heavy or social networking site. If so, that’s very remarkable.

The means to communication has always been quite dangerous (much more evident to those without the benefit of a Constitution like ours), and I’m going to watch closely to see what countries with similar governments do to about social networks, whether its cracking down even more on or straight barring them. Even though “tweeted” messages are 140 characters, that’s more than enough space to send important messages instantaneously to millions. True, sending messages through the net has been accomplished practically since its advent, but Twitter allows users to conglomerate short messages in such a way you can literally compose one on the run. I can honestly see net access being secretly accessed and shared for the benefit of the oppressed, or those without a means to voice questions and opinions freely.

Don’t quote me on this (nor will I place bets!), but I expect to see more of this happening, maybe even amongst journalists in tough/dangerous situations forced to improvise on how they will get a report through. Or not. Until then, I’ll be “nicer” to Twitter, lol.

~ Bliss

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