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Apparently it’s a great idea.

June 24, 2009

This guy blogged about his decision to put his Twitter address on his business card, but only after being assured it was an excellent idea (he found out said idea was an excellent after inquiring via Twitter).

Now I won’t be putting my own Twitter address on my card anytime soon, especially since I don’t exactly update it. My card design is minimalist (as is his), and I only have my email, phone number, blog address…aaaaand lastly my name of course.  My blog address leads to all of my other social networking info.

Anyway, I found his post interesting since lately I’ve been seeing articles and blogs pretty much dissing the use of business cards–true, they’re archaic and possibly even anachronistic in some situations, but that’s what makes them useful. Clothes are archaic as well, but you don’t hear anyone complaing about wearing them.

Okay, fine, I don’t hear anyone complaing.

Simply put, business cards are needed because bare-boned communication is just people talking to and contacting people. Last thing anyone wants is to bump into someone who can grant you access to your dream job and you’re stuck writing down the address to your–blog, Twitter…whatever–on a greasy napkin.

Hey, it could happen.

~ Bliss

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