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Fact/source checking: dangerous business.

June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson died today.


I was initially informed of this earlier today by a family member who found out by reading

…which is precisely why I kind of (nervously) laughed it off while simultaneously running to the computer to find more reputable sources. I found no one was reporting that he had died at that time, and I was hoping it was just case of bad fact and source checking.

Long story short, I was obviously wrong and in denial for a while, and thought about one of my most talked about subjects: social networking. News travels like wildfire nowadays, and that’s exactly why traditional news outlets seemed a little slow to some when it came to confirming his death: they have much more to lose (said family member wondered why I would only trust “regular” news outlets) . Who would forgive ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and anything else with a “C” in it if they had gone with the TMZ flow and reported him dead, and it turned out to be false? (Interestingly TMZ is Time Warner owned, which also owns…)

Even though I was cooped up today, my email was just about blown up with forum/messageboard discussions about the matter. Some questioned if traditional news died along with the King of Pop. If anything, it was solidified by just reporting verified facts.

Now, on a personal side note: I’m still very much in shock over this news. I’ve been a Jackson fan (of ALL of the Jacksons) literally all my life–my mother tells me that as a baby I would only calm down and stop crying and fussing if Michael Jackson was on T.V. 😀 I own all of his music, and even an original copy of his Moonwalker video. Just this morning I was listening to Thriller (specifically “Human Nature”). I could go on and on…he will be missed.

~ Bliss

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