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Strengthening/learning new skillz. Part I.

July 1, 2009

Sorry, let me make that AP-tomically correct: Skills.

<Background story to impending topic>

I used to work in food service and once found an excerpt from a book or article (not totally sure, it was photocopied) about talent and skills left on a table I was clearing off. Long explanation short, it outlined why those considered the best of the best in their field or talent continue to practice, research and anything else they could possibly do for upkeep. For most people, their best talent alone ranks on a scale of purported perfection of about a 7 out of 10 (or something like that). With continuous practice people can up this by two points or so–effectively enhancing their overall marketability.

There was nothing especially spectacular about the information per se, but for me at the time it screamed volumes (or was that just my boss telling me to hurry up and clear the tables? Lol). After reading it, I began to constantly research everything I could about writing: my greatest talent…at least I think so, besides drawing.

</Background story to impending topic>

Last week I checked a gazillion books out of the library. They are all on the subject of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and some other stuff in between. I also checked out more on writing.* I have a good grasp on all of these concepts, but I felt the need to be as fresh as possible once some particularly heavy news came this week.

Gannett cut another 1,400 jobs, and Vibe shut its doors.

I also read a story about a laid-off journalist turned homeless cocaine addict.

Now, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on what’s been happening to the journalism world during the recession but this news screamed at me.

Part II tomorrow! (didn’t want to type your eyes off…or something like that).

~ Bliss

*Aaand bought a book of selected poems of Rainer Maria Rilke. I aim to be well rounded and thankfully love (and write!) poetry. 🙂

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