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Summer! (A conglomerate of topics)

July 8, 2009

The summer is moving full speed ahead–the ides of July is next week–which means the NABJ convention is approaching quickly as well.

I’m excited. 😀 This will be my first of many, and I admit I’m a little nervous since I’m a “baby” journalist, relatively speaking. I have a few things to finish up since my summer will be cut short–I’m an RA at school and have to be back earlier than everyone else for training. This means I don’t have August at my disposal at all, but for good reason. 😀 Anyway, I’m getting on my own nerves (being a perfectionist) and put both my resume and business card back to the drawing board. Those should be done this week. I think. Lol…

In other news…I’ll be wrapping up my internship soon and have gotten quite acquainted with newsroom. There were no surprises, and it didn’t scare me away from journalism, so I must say I’m more than ready to take my senior year of college head on, lol.

Allllllmost forgot, I read this article today about an intern that plagiarized some of her articles. I know this would probably not happen, but I would like to ask those who plagiarize why they did/do so. The woman in question is very intelligent and a good writer. What she did was unnecessary…the price of notoriety is nothing other than hard work. I sincerely hope she can salvage her career; times are hard, and I understand why she would think using material from a major newspaper would give her boost.

Understand only. Not agree with…lol.

~ Bliss

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