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Praxis II – Teaching Journalism & New Media

July 13, 2009

In addition to “officially” beginning my journalism career as a reporter (or something along those lines) , I also intend to teach it in some shape or form. As a result I have to take the Praxis II in order to obtain my teaching license, and I won’t lie–I’m a little nervous.

Besides being somewhat of a mediocre test taker (I think too much, ugh!), I’m not sure where to start. I took an intro to teaching class many moons ago when I was a freshman, but that’s clearly not cutting it. Thankfully I still have some of the books from the class, including a book on preparing for the test, so I’m not completely in the dark but definitely in an interesting situation. Journalism students aren’t shown how to teach others the trade; we learn most from observation. It’s just the nature of the work and one of the reasons I love it so much. Even so, I’m taking a class called High School Publications this fall that will give me somewhat of a heads up. I have real-world classroom experience on my side as well, which helps.

Other than that, I’m still fine tuning my computer/internet skills so I can teach that as well. In fact, I have a mind to start giving computer/web building lessons to kids for free. The only thing stopping me is designing curriculum and teaching methods that work, which is something else I’m reading up on how to develop as well. Hopefully I get an idea of what I’m putting together finished soon so I can get some backing–maybe from a recreation center or something. My objective is to be visable enough to actually have kids interested, lol.


A family asked me why would do something as foolish as teach and give free lessons on web design/content management/ect.

My answer is I have no other choice. Personally, one person spoke encouragement into my life (in 6th grade, to be exact) and I never forgot what he said. It’s because of this one person that I push myself as hard as I do. Above all else, I want to be someone else’s “one person” just in case they never have/had the same experience I did. I know this may sound a little cheesy, but for me it’s true. I’m no one’s superwoman, but after teaching in Toledo and seeing those kids’ eyes light up when I came to help I think I may be on to something…

~ Bliss

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