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Why are you doing this, Muckrack?

July 22, 2009

I was persuing (reading a Mac v. PC squabble in comments, good times) and found this article.

Apparently, is offering a service where journalists can spew press releases in 130 characters. Here is a screenshot of the service in infancy:

Meh. Ten characters less than a regular Twitter message. Anyhoo, I find myself wondering why anyone would do this. Each character costs $1. If anything, I would guess PR folks would simply set up a regular Twitter account, get noticed and mosey on to general publicity from there (a view I share with the author of the article). Simply stating an account is strictly for press releases would suffice.

I don’t mind eating my words on this one: if it takes off it takes off. I’m not sure if this will boom. If I anyone successfully disagrees and it does become a popular and useful tool, I’ll FedEx you a cookie. 🙂

~ Bliss

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