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“I hate you people.”

July 30, 2009

Yikes. Daunting much?!

An older gentleman said that to me while I was heading to an appointment the other day. I used the bus to get there and dropped my bag while trying to pay the fare. Since I was running behind I grabbed the first bag i saw, the one I bring to work (internship), meaning my badge was in there.

The one with “WKYC” listed boldly on the front.

He kindly helped me pick it up, saw the badge that came out and made a face while uttering the words in the post title. A not-so-good face. I smiled, took the bag+badge and I sat in the only seat available–right next to him. Unfortunately it was long ride, meaning I had to listen to why he hated the media. Don’t get me wrong–this is actually something I both want and need to know–but I was heading to a dentist’s appointment and was more so worried about the fate of my wisdom teeth.

Anyway, he told me his main problem was with “wimpy” (i.e. soft) news. He felt that kind of stuff just didn’t belong mixed in there with “real” news, which included bloodshed and mayhem galore. I listened for about 10 minutes and said, “What would you do if you found the latest edition of the paper just had ‘The world is going to Hades. Remember to wear your flame retardent jammies as a precaution.’ across the front? We have to have something to think or smile about sometimes.”

He laughed at my comment and said I had a point, then admitted he liked a story about an albino alligator a while back. A little later in the conversation I also told him that just because we report the news doesn’t mean we like it. Yes, we like reporting as in the verb, but never in a million years will a murder make anyone warm and fuzzy (at least, no one sane). Simply put, we just might go crazy if we didn’t oblige to stories about the local animal adoption agency, or Twiggy, the water skiing squirrel.

It was an interesting experience and I hope I come across someone with negative and positive sentiments about journalism in the future. It’s the masses that have to ingest what we say, after all.

~ Bliss

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